Commercial and Industrial Electrical Repairs in Sacramento, CA

We offer a wide range of maintenance options and other services for our commercial clients. Whether you are a small business in need of a simple wiring repair or are a sensitive, electrically demanding company wanting to overhaul your entire electrical delivery system, we’re the right firm for you.

As the premier electricians in Sacramento, CA, our talented technicians can provide your business with the infrastructure that it needs for success. We work hard to develop a strong sense of rapport with all our clients, whether they be small business owners or major industrial operations.

Commercial Electricians

Our knowledgeable service professionals provide clients with a wide range of services, including:

  • Explosion-proof work: We offer Class I, Division II explosion-proof electrical systems installation for fueling facilities, water treatment centers and natural gas plants. We are capable of operating in a number of demanding environments, and diligently work to provide consistent power whenever safely possible.
  • Preventative Testing and Maintenance: Ensure the integrity of your electrical system by having routine testing and maintenance performed. Our team can provide infrared scanning of you electrical panel and equipment to identify any “hot spots” on breakers and wire connections make repairs or replace components as needed to eliminate any potential failure. We can also provide breaker testing services, torque connections, clean and service of panels, transformers and transfer switches to ensure your electrical system remains in good shape.
  • Tenant improvements: If you’re a commercial building owner, you can improve the experiences of your tenants and make your property more competitive on the market. The finest commercial electricians in Sacramento, CA are here to assist you with all of your electrical needs if you are performing office remodels and service modifications.
  • Repairs and Modifications: If you are having problems with your electrical service our team can troubleshoot the issue and make repairs necessary to get you back in operation. Our team is ready to solve your issue whether you need a circuit repaired, lighting repairs or replacement, power relocated, or have new power requirement.

Schedule Maintenance Service

Don’t delay your electrical system’s maintenance. Reach out to one of our friendly service technicians today, and safeguard your business’ power supply! Call us at 530-823-3251 to learn more about our service offerings.